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Educational Materials !! Biological Model and Specimen
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Model of Root in Longitudinal Section
Specification:55〜15 cm dia
For illustrating the structure of plant root
Structure: Longitudinal and transverse sections, resting on stand ,can be turned around longitudinal section of different locations for the middle part of a root and transverse section of different layers for ripening part

Model of Trachea and Sieve Tube Structure
For demonstrating the structure of trachea and sieve tube and for helping the students to have better understanding over the importance of the conductive tissue for the growth of a plant

Model of Stalk of Monocotyledon in Section
Specification:15〜40 cm radius
For teaching Plant course in university, college and middle school.
Structure: Transverse section for stalk join.Showing dermatosome ,physical and basic tissues and vascular bundles scattered in the basic structure .Also showing the above longitudinally. Showing vessel,sieve tube,sieve plate and air pass transversely on vascular bundle.

Model of Stalk of Dicotyledon
Specification:18〜32 cm dia
For teaching the structure of stalk of dicotyledon
Structure :Radial and longitudinal section through medullary ray on one side of stalk and through middle of vascular bundle on the other side of stalk,showing apparently cells of dermatosome ,collenchyma,thin wall,etc.Also showing dermatosome, skin ,vascular bundle ,medulla and medullary ray on transverse section.

Model of leaf Structure
Specification:45〜15〜18 cm
For illustrating the strcture of a plant leaf
Structure: Magnified section of leaf .On transverse section part of the leaf is maintained on both sides of costa, showing the connection of costa system and the side vascular, longitudinal section of side vascular and transverse section of fine vascular.By these sections of various parts,longitudinal and transverse structure of upper and lower dermatosome,palisade and spongy tissues are given.

Model of Algae
Specification: 24〜15〜14 cm
An isometric model of algae in a shape of pear and cut longitudinally at the center
Showing cell wall ,cell nuclaus, cytoplasm, cup-tpye chloroplast ,nuclein contractile vacuole,eyespot and flagella
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