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Educational Materials 〞〞 General Measuring Instrument
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Direct-current Ammeter
Measuring range: 0.2A~0~0.6A
Voltage drop: 75mV
Accuracy: Grade 2.5
Anti-magnetic ability: Grade III
Sensitive Galvanometer
Sensitivity: 300 米A
Deviation: ≒ 5%
Internal resistance: G0 80次~125次
﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛ G1 2.4~3K次
AC/DC Voltmeter
Basic error: DC V≒㊣2.5%
﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛AC V≒㊣5%
Meter current: 3mA
DC 0~3~15V
AC 0~45~450V
Avometer for Student Use
With 19 steps
Arc length of marking scale: 70mm
Direct current: 0.5-2.5-25-250mA
Direct current voltage: 2.5-10-50-250-500V
Alternating voltage: 10-50-250-500V
Resistance: R℅1,R℅10,R℅100 & R℅1K
Sensitivity: 2K次 for DC & AC
Accuracy: Grade 2.5 for DC,current,voltage and resistance
Grade 5 for alternating voltage
Demonstrating Electric Meter (Voltage-Resistance Meter)
Demonstrating electric meter has 14 ranges. It can serve as current detector in the experiment demonstration, measurement of micro current, DC voltage, and DC resistance.
Universal Meter
Measurment Measuring Range Sensitivity Accuracy
DC voltage 0.1~100V 10K次V Grade 2.5
250~1500V 1.1K次V
Alternating voltage 5~25V 200K次V Grade 5
100~1500V 1.1K次V
Direct current 100米A~2.5A Grade 2.5
Alternating current 5mA~1.5A Grade 5
Resistance 2K次~20M次 Grade 2.5
Capacitance 0.01米F~20米F
Magnification 0~300
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