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Educational Materials !! Mechanical Apparatus
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Cylinder Set
For measurement of density and specific heat of material
Each set consists of 3 cylinders,made of copper,iron and aluminum respectively,with the same geometric dimensions,20mm in diameter,32mm high.
Density of materials:
    8.85-8.90g/cm3 for copper,
    7.80-7.85g/cm3 for iron and
    2.70-2.77g/cm3 for aluminum
Simple Pendulum Ball Set
For studying the characteristic of simple pendulum vibration and determining the gravitational acceleration.
Comprising a chromium-plated large steel ball,a red plastic ball,a black plastic ball,and two small steel balls.
The determining error of period is less than 0.05s when the pendulum length is 1 meter,and the pendulum angle is less than 5<; and less than 0.10s when the pendulum length is 0.5 meter
Force Moment Disc
For experiment on balance condition of an object with a fixed rotating shaft.
Consisting of a disc and a shaft
Diameter of disc: 245mm
For experiment on balance condition of a lever
Error of lever counterbalance moment is not greater than 1.96〜10-3N.m
Slope Cart
Consisting of inclined plane plate ,cart ,support column, friction block and weight bucket.
Overall dimension of inclined plane plate:
815+6mm long ,100\3mm wide and 20\2mm Thick..
Flatness error on working surface: <2mm
Flatness error on back side :<3mm
Overall dimension of cart:100〜80〜40mm
Mass of cart:200-6g
Overall dimension of friction block:
100\3mm long ,80\2mm wide and 40\2mm Thick.
mass of weight bucket:】6g
Pascal Ball
For demonstration of experiment on Pascal's law
Consisting of air pump,ball and nozzle
After ball is filled with water,push piston of air pump, the pressure at different nozzles is basically the same.
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