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Educational Materials !! Mechanical Apparatus
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Communicating Vessels
For middle school to demonstrate the physical experiment on pressure intensity of liquid. Consisting of 4 bottom-connected glass tubes with different shapes and sectional areas
Model of Piston Type Reciprocating Water Pump (Suction type and Pressure Type)
Demonstration Pulley Set
For demonstration of the construction, function, principle of work and mechanical efficiency of pulley set
Consisting of single pulley(2 pcs),triple parellel pulleys(2 pcs) and triple series pulleys(2 pcs)
Maximum load: 2kg
Inclined Grooved Rail
To be used together with a simple timer for teaching of physics in senior middle school.
For demonstration of experiments on regularity of uniform motion,measurement of average velocity and instantaneous velocity,law of uniform variable rectilinear motion, measurement of gravity of acceleration, conversion and conservation of mechanical energy.
Consisting of rail(1),electromagnet(1),tripod seat (1) adjustable support(1), photoelectric sensor(2) and steel ball(2)
Operating voltage of electromagnet :6v
Horizontal Parabolic Motion Experimental Apparatus
This apparatus can plot out exactly the locus of horizontally parabolic motion of an object and estimate the initial velocity of a paraboloid.
Centripetal Force Demonstrating Apparatus
Two speed change discs are of aluminum alloys
Transmission ratio of driving wheel and driven wheel of speed change discs is 1:1,1:2 and 1:3 respectively.
Transmission error: 】0.5%
Indication error of centripetal force(under normal experiment condition): 】\4.4%
Diameter of steel ball and aluminum ball:
Mass of steel ball: 95.5\2g
Mass of aluminum ball: 47.75\1g
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