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Educational Materials !! Optical and Atomic Physical Apparatus
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Concave Mirror
Consisting of mirror ,frame ,stand and seat
Diameter of mirror: 100\2mm
Focus length: 65\10mm

Convex mirror
Consisting of mirror,frame,stand and seat
Diameter of mirror: 100\2mm
Focus length: 65\10mm
Glass Block
For measuring reflection rate of glass and for ploving reflection law in experiment
In a form of nonisosceles trapezoid
With bottom angles 60o\0.5o and 45o\0.5o respectively
Reflection rate within 1.5 to 1.55
Optical Bench
For experiment of geometrical optics
Basic structural components:guide ril,parallel light source,lense,scale,sliding poise and lens frame
Guide axle and reference plane parallel witin 1 mm
Guide rails parallel within 0.5mm
Light source: 6-8V>3W
Demonstrator of Optical Interference, Diffraction and Polarization
For demonstrating experiments of optical interference(concave-convex, lens, double slit ,glycerin coat ),diffraction(single slit, multi-slit, grating ) and polarization (polarizing of polarizer, reflection polarizing).
Consisting of rotary optical bench , light source, concave-convex lens, double slit ,Newton's ring, single slit, multiple slit, grating, polarizing lens, reflection polarizer, projection system and observation system
Light source can work continuously for over 4 hours with its case temperature not over 80≧.
Power source : low-voltage power J1202 or J1201-1
Triple Prism
For demonstrating chromatic dispersion in Pysics of middle school and in Nature course of primary school.
Consisting of prism boy ,stand ,support and seat.
Thickness: 25mm
Edge length: 80mm
Two adjacent angles: 60≧
Adjustable rage of support: >30mm
X-Ray Tube
For demonstrating penetration of Roentgen ray(X ray) through wood plate ,metallic sheet muscle and other montransparent matter
Ray strength:not less tha 50Roentgen/hr .within 0.3m
In examining a golden pen by X ray ,a clear image of pen can be seen at a distance of 0.3-1m form tube ball to screen.
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