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Educational Materials !! Static Electricity and Current Apparatus
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Glass Rod and Silk Cloth
For experiment on triboelectrification of nature teaching in primary school and physics teaching in middle school
Dimension of glass rod and plexiglass rod:φ14〜300mm
Size of silk cloth:【360〜360mm
Experimental ambient temperature:0~40≧
Experimental relative humidity:】65%
Rubber Rod and Leather
For experiment on triboelectrification in teaching of Nature for primary school and Physics for middle school
Type J2302 consists of a rubber rod and a piece of leather,and type J2302-1 consists of a polycarbonate rod and a piece of leather.
Dimension of rubber rod and polycarbonate rod:Φ14〜300mm
Dimension of leather:【150〜150mm
Operating ambient temperature:0~40≧
Foil Electroscope
Mainly for electrostatics teaching of nature in primary school and physics in middle school
Pointed Electric Charge Distributor
For demonstration of electric charge distribution on a conductor which is under electrostatic charge balance form
Consisting of pointed conductor(including inner cone),insulated support column and base seat
Experimental ambient temperature:0~40≧
Experimental relative humidity:】65%
Metal Wire Gauze Cover
Parallel-Plate Capacitor
Mainly for demonstrating the relationship of electric capacity carried by parallel-plate capacitor with potential difference, capacitance, gap, plate area and electrolyte between two plates.
Electric capacity: >3,000PF
Adjustable relative area of two plates 100 - 314 cm2
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