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Educational Materials !! Vibration and Wave Heat Apparatus
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Oscillation Tuning Fork
For demonstration of the reqularity of an object in oscillation
Frequency : 18-22Hz
Max. amplitude : 【10mm
Duration : 【10 seconds
Overall dimension : Approx. 400〜30〜11mm
Wave Motion Demonstrating Apparatus
For observation of the instantaneous stop state during the formation of transversal wave and longitudinal wave.
Tuning Forks(F512)
A kind of basic instrument for performing sound experiments, with the frequency of 512Hz,and the error not more than 0.8Hz

Tuning Forks(F256)
Mounted on a resonance box ,used as a sound source ,for determining the velocity of sound and for demonstrating the transmission and resonance of sound ,with the frequency of 256Hz and the error not more than 0.5Hz
Tuning Fork Set
Comprising 7 tuning forks, including a hammer
Frequencies: 261.6, 293.6, 329.6, 349.2, 440, 493.9, 392, 523.2Hz
Error of frequency : not more than \0.1%
Uniform Circular Motion Projector
The present instrument can be used for the following experiments:
To observe simple harmonic vibration of lateral projection of an object in uniform circular movement.
To plot displacement-time curve of simple harmonic vibration and to quantitatively analyze the regularity of simple harmonic vibration by the curve mentioned above.
Mechanical Energy-thermal Energy Interconversion Demonstrating Apparatus
To explain interconvertibility of thermal energy and mechanical energy by demonstrating the change of object's internal energy
Consisting of thermal conductive pipe ,plug, upset clamp and friction rope.The thermal conductive pipe is made of copper,65mm long and can bear radial force over 500N. The effective clamping Thickness of upset clamp is 5-55mm,and clamping depth,30mm minimum.
The minimum length of friction rope is 1 m.
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