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 Non-woven Handbags
(1)   Material: Non-woven handbag, 70-80g/sqm.
(2)   Features: Moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, not combustion-supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic, nonirritant, colorful, moderate price and can be recycled. This non-woven handbag can be self-decomposed outdoor after 90 days, while the usage life is 5 years when placed indoor. When it's burned, there is no toxicity, no smell and no leftover thus it won't pollute the environment. It's a globally recognized environment friendly product.
(3)   Regular colors: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue.
(4) Regular size and price : Size 250x250x100mm (10"x10"x4"), USD0.361/piece;
           Size 300x300x100mm (12"x12"x4"), USD0.402/piece;
           Size 400x300x100mm (16"x12"x4"), USD0.422/piece.
(5)   Minimum quantity of each material and each regular color in each shipment is 1,000 pieces, total quantity of each shipment with regular colors should be not less than 3,000
(6)   Single color screen printing on both sides (less than 1/3 area) is free, big size, multi-color screen printing and side printing are available with extra cost.
(7)   50 non-woven handbags are packed in a plastic bag, several bags are packed in an export carton.
(8)   Besides regular sizes, Non-woven handbags can also be supplied according to the Buyer's requirement with extra cost.
(9)   Size in millimeter (mm) is standard description, all size descriptions in inches are for reference only.
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