General Conditions
  CR-39 Hard Resin Lenses
  1.56 Middle Index Hard
  Resin Lenses
  1.56 Photochromic Hard
  Resin Lenses
  1.59 Polycarbonate
  1.61/1.67 Hi-Index Hard
  Resin Lenses
  Mineral White 1.523
  Optical Lenses
  Mineral 1.7/1.8/1.9
  Hi-index Lenses
  Mineral Photochromic
  Sunlens & Polarized
  Quality Control of Lenses
  Package of Lenses
 CR-39 Hard Resin Lenses
Refraction index Nd=1.5.
Abbe value 59.
Density 1.31 g/cm3.
High scratch resistance.
Newly designed products, slim and thin.
High scratch resistance, super-hard protection coating available (tintable and non-tintable).
HMC+EMI coating available in greenish and bluish color. Super Hydrophobic also available.
Absorbing UV-ray and providing effective protection for the eyes.
Tintable to various fashionable colors.
  Slim 150 - Dia60mm
  Regular 150 - Dia65mm
  Lenticular 150 - Dia65mm
  Luxe 150 - Dia70mm
  Bifocal 150 Round-shape - Dia65/28mm
  Bifocal 150 Flat-top - Dia70/28mm
  Progressive 150 - Dia70mm
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