General Conditions
  CR-39 Hard Resin Lenses
  1.56 Middle Index Hard
  Resin Lenses
  1.56 Photochromic Hard
  Resin Lenses
  1.59 Polycarbonate
  1.61/1.67 Hi-Index Hard
  Resin Lenses
  Mineral White 1.523
  Optical Lenses
  Mineral 1.7/1.8/1.9
  Hi-index Lenses
  Mineral Photochromic
  Sunlens & Polarized
  Quality Control of Lenses
  Package of Lenses
 Package of Lenses
(1) Ophthalmic lenses are packed in color-printed lens covers (offset printing), one lens cover for each piece. Usually, lenses will be packed with the following inner boxes and standard seaworthy export cartons.
Items Inner Boxes Export Cartons and Estimated Gross Weight
Type A
Type B
Type 1, Size 400x360x320mm
(24 A Boxes or 12 B Boxes)
Type 2, Size 590x360x320mm
(36 A Boxes or 18 B Boxes)
 Hard Resin Lenses, Finished 10-14 Kgs 16-22 Kgs
 Hard Resin Lenses, Semi-finished   10-14 Kgs 16-22 Kgs
 Mineral Lenses, Finished   20-26 Kgs  
 Mineral Lenses, Semi-finished   22-30 Kgs  
Defult Package Optional Package
  Inner Box Type A (170x95x95mm)
  Inner Box Type B (340x95x95mm)
  Export Carton Type 1 (400x360x320mm)
  Export Carton Type 2 (590x360x320mm)
If necessary, a Packing Details List will be submitted by Y&S after shipment showing products and powers in each carton and each inner box.    
(2) In order to make it easy for all relevant parties to handle the goods, usually, Y&S’s invoice number is shown on each carton as shipping mark, provided no more instruction from the customer.
(3) Lenses can be packed in Y&S’s general lens covers without showing Y&S’s information which is shown in this Purchase Guide free of charge. Provided any shipment more than 5,000 pairs (10,000 pieces), Y&S can also pack lenses with one lens cover design appointed by the customer free of charge; otherwise, Y&S will charge an extra fee of USD100.00 for each design. The customer is suggested to make its own design according to the following shape, size and gluing process.

Shape, Size and Gluing Process
  Customers are welcome to send its very own lens cover design to Y&S by CD, DVD or e-mail, Y&S will make necessary artwork to improve or complete the design free of charge. The files can be edited under personal computer (PC system) with Macromedia Freehand 10, Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS2 or Corel Draw X6, the resolution should be not less than 300 dpi and suggested lens cover size should be not more than 90x90mm. We will not accept any files created or edited under Mac system or any other Apple products.

Provided the customer is not familiar with the above software, they can submit lens cover samples, designs, logo, raphics, descriptions and company information, Y&S will make necessary artwork free of charge. Any revised lens cover design will be sent to the customer in the graphics format through e-mail for their approval before printing.
(4) A barcode on each lens cover is available with an extra fee of USD0.02/pair (USD0.01/piece). Customer needs to submit its barcode data in details. The system of Y&S can create barcode in the formats listed below. If there is no special requirement from the customer, Code 128 format will be used. Barcode label size will be 70x20mm, usually, it will be put at the top of the front side of each lens cover of finished lenses or at the top side of each lens box of semi-finished lenses.
Codabar; Code 128; Code 39 (ASCII);
Code 39 (Full ASCII); Code 93; 2 of 5 Inter Leaved.
Data Matrix; ITF - 14; MicroPDF417;
MSI Plessey; PDF417; QR Code;
RSS Expanded; RSS Limited; RSS - 14;
RSS - 14 Stacked; RSS - 14 Truncated; TLC 39;
UCC - EAN 128; UPC - A; UPC - E.
RSS - 14 Stacked Omni - Directional;
Composite (EAN.UCC), RSS - 14;
Composite (EAN.UCC), RSS - 14 Stacked Omni - Directional;
Composite (EAN.UCC), RSS - 14 Truncated;
Composite (EAN.UCC), RSS - 14 Stacked;
(5) For hard resin lenses, inside lining in the lens cover is free of charge.
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