General Conditions



(1)    Quality control system of the Seller is ISO9001 (2008) certified. The Seller offers 1-year limited warranty.    

(2)    All prices offered in this Purchase Guide are in US Dollar per piece. Discount is applicable for large quantity order.    

(3)    If total amount of each shipment according to list prices is more than USD10,000.00, all prices can be as on CFR (C&F) Overseas Main Port basis by sea. To have goods shipped by air, the Seller will either deliver goods on FCA Shanghai, China basis or on CPT, CIF, CIP basis, provided the Seller will charge air freight and insurance cost respectively.    

(4)    If transaction is on CIF or CIP basis, insurance will be arranged by the Sell for 110% of invoice value covering all risks, provided no more requirements from the Buyer.    

(5)    In order to deliver each order quickly, a maximum shortage of 5% on quantity or amount is allowed without prior notice. The Seller will provide a detailed list of the shortage to the Buyer after shipment. The Seller will either adjust relevant quantity and amount in shipping documents or adjust with the Buyer separately.    

(6)    Slight difference on color between materials/products and printed demo in this guide are allowed.    

(7)    Goods can be packed in the Seller's general package (without showing the Seller's information) free of charge. The Seller can also pack goods with the Buyer's appointed package with extra cost.    

(8)    Pre-shipment inspection by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ), SGS, BIVAC, Intertek, COTECNA, etc. will be handled by the Seller, provided inspection requested and inspection fee will be paid by the Buyer when confirming orders.    

(9)    Accessories will be cleared by Chinese customs under the following H.S. Codes and units; if necessary, H.S. Codes of the importing country can be shown in shipping documents according to the Buyer's requirements.    

ItemChinese H. S. CodesUnitsReference No.
Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth6307.1000.19Piece / KgMC1716
Micro Fiber Pouches6305.9000Piece / KgMP1716
PU Pouches4202.2100.90Kg / PiecePP1715
Foldable Zipper Bags6305.9000.90Piece / KgFZ1716
Lens Cleaning Spray3402.1900KgCS1713
Bottles of Lens Cleaning Spray3923.3000KgCB1716
Screwdrivers8205.4000Kg / PieceTS1709
Towels6307.1000.19Piece / KgTW1716
Non-woven Handbags6305.3300.90Piece / KgNW1716
Micro Fiber Gloves6216.0000.21Pair / KgMG1716
Metal Case4202.3100.90Kg/PieceCM1715
Plastic Case4202.3200Kg/PieceCP1715

(10)    The following payment terms are accepted by the Seller:

          L/C: By irrevocable L/C at sight, provided the covering L/C being received by the Seller on time and remaining valid for negotiation in China until the 21st day after shipment. L/C should be in English and show full contact information of the Seller.

          T/T: 30% of total contract value to be paid by T/T while confirming the order; balance payment to be paid by T/T before shipment.    

(11)    The Seller is entitled to charge storage fee and other relevant fees if the Buyer doesn't make payment or pick up goods within 30 days after the goods are ready for delivery.    

(12)    Goods are of China origin. Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Packing Details Lists and Bill of Lading or Air Waybill will be provided by the Seller under each shipment. Insurance Policy or Insurance Certificate will also be submitted when the transaction is made on CIF or CIP basis. One of the following Certificate of Origin can be submitted upon the Buyer's request:

          ・Certificate of Origin approved by CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China Chamber of International Commerce)

          ・Certificate of Origin (Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement) approved by CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China Chamber of International Commerce)

          ・Certificate of Origin (Form for China-Peru FTA) approved by CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China Chamber of International Commerce)

          ・Certificate of Origin (GSP Form-A) approved by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)

          ・Certificate of Origin (Form F for China-Chile FTA) approved by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)

           If any other documents are also required, the Buyer needs to inform the Seller when confirming the order. Provided no other notice, all documents will be issued in the name of the Buyer' company.

(13)    All accessories need to be stored in cool, dry, ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.    

(14)    The Seller keeps the right to adjust prices, technical data and conditions without prior notice. Adjusted prices, technical data and conditions can be downloaded from the Seller's website .