1.56/1.6 Photochromic Hard Resin Lenses

・ Refraction index Nd=1.56 & Nd=1.60    

・ Abbe value 42 (Nd=1.56) & 41 (Nd=1.60)    

・ Density 1.16 g/cm3 (Nd=1.56) & 1.28 g/cm3 (Nd=1.60)    

・ Can be used well throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor, in all climates and for many different activities.    

・ Clear background color, high original transmittance, high rate of darkening in the sun.    

・ High rate of fading out of the sun, thorough fading capability.    

・ Grey and brown colors are available.    

・ High scratch resistance, super-hard protection coating is available.    

・ HMC+EMI coating is available in greenish and bluish colors. Super Hydrophobic is also available.    

・ Absorbing UV-ray and providing effective protection to the eyes.    

・ UV400 + Blue Cut is available.