Important Information about Your E-mail

Recently, some of our customer's maibox has been hacked and therefore it has suffered economic losses. After the hackers successfully controlled the mailbox of some customers, they intercepted the e-mails that were sent by the supplier, after replacing the supplier's bank account in the invoice and payment instruction with the account specified by the hackers, they faked the name of our company with a non-existed similar e-mail address and continue to contact through a hacker software requesting our customers to pay to their designated account. After the hackers who have successfully controlled the customer's mailbox, nothing may occur until the hackers has blocked the supplier's invoice or payment instructions, so if the fraud has not yet appeared in your mailbox, it still may be hacked.    

With all the reasons provided, in order to avoid customer's losses, we strongly recommend that all customers should follow the following procedures to prevent loss immediately.    

(1) Register at least two e-mail addresses with us that are in different domains and use different and complicated passwords. Our e-mail system can simultaneously send e-mails up to three e-mail addresses of contacts, and we also keep in touch with our customers through all the registered e-mail addresses. Before arranging payments to any new account, please make sure that the payment instructions (bank account details) received via e-mail addresses of different domain names are identical; otherwise, please stop the payment process immediately and contact us to clarify the situation. To register more e-mail addresses with us, please send e-mail to or contact the relevant project manager directly. You can also contact us by phone, fax, social media, etc. to verify the payment instructions containing the new account information.   

(2) Please try to change your e-mail password as often as possible. Please use complicated and more secure password, such as using passwords that include both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers.    

(3) Please use effective anti-virus software on your computer for both virus detection and killing.    

Thank you for your attention!    

Y&S (Beijing) Opto-Electro Industries Ltd.    

Y&S (Tianjin) Industries Ltd.