New Generation of Blue Cut Lenses

As the widespread use of smartphones, tablet devices and computers increases the time we face a LCD/LED screen, more and more people suffer from eyestrain symptoms. One cause of this is believed to be the blue light emitted from the display on such devices. The shorter the wavelength, the stronger energy a light wave has, and this may cause eye fatigue. Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light. It also tends to be diffused and is believed to cause flickering in the vision.

Traditional way of reducing incoming blue light to the eyes is adding coating on lens surface, the coating prevents blue light from passing through the lens by increasing the reflection of blue light, but the effect is very limited.

Y&S offers the new generation of Blue Cut lenses by adding blue cut additives in monomer (lens material) which absorbs blue light, so it effectively reduces incoming blue light to the eyes. New Blue Cut effect is available on the following 1.56 Middle Index and 1.60 High Index Hard Resin Lenses.

------ 1.56 Middle Index 65mm Slim 156 Plus (;

------ 1.56 Middle Index 65mm Slim 156 Minus (;

------ 1.56 Middle Index 70mm Regular 156 Minus (;

------ 1.56 Middle Index 65/28mm Bifocal 156 Round-shape (;

------ 1.56 Middle Index 70/28mm Bifocal 156 Flat-top (;

------ 1.60 High Index 65/70/75mm Regular 160 Minus (

------ 1.60 High Index 65mm Slim 160 Plus (;

Since the development of new Blue Cut Lenses, the applications of ophthalmic lenses have expanded; they can now be employed for the maintenance of the optical health of everyone as well as for conventional vision correction.